Who You Are

There is a reason why you didn’t fit into the system even then, why you felt alone so often. Why the teachers didn’t like you, or you were rejected because of your rebellious nature. The feeling that no one understands you. No one truly sees you. And yet that was your deepest wish.

Then you started listening to music. A connection is made. Your suffering, pain, hatred, and anger are suddenly shared. The anger becomes your inner motor, and it works pretty well for a while. But the anger does not disappear over the years. It just takes on a different form. Fears that you have suppressed are reflected in your relationships. Feelings of loneliness, shame, and guilt are hidden by your addictions…I understand you.

There is a deep longing in your heart that you can no longer ignore – a thirst for more and a feeling of emptiness in the ordinary. 

Throughout your journey, you have allowed yourself to change your perspective. You have let go of the belief that money, status, and fame will bring you freedom, security, and safety. Instead, you realize that you feel imprisoned by your own life and choices.

Remember the day you swore you would never give in to the system. And what happened? The system is back in control of you. It feeds on your addictions. Depressions. Fears. Your inner conflicts. Your fear of deep intimacy, being vulnerable and opening your heart.

It is time to bring your repressed and suppressed feelings and memories to the surface. To get them into the light. To integrate them so you can truly be free. It is time to remember who you are under the surface before the system has taken possession of you.

I know that you may be unsure about opening this door. But if you’ve been reading this and ‘felt’ what I’ve said, then it’s time.

Our work is an invitation to step into your full expression. It does take time because western society has done a solid job of conditioning us to comply and suppress our true nature. This suppression causes a lack of Intimacy and connection in relationships, a sense of shutting down, closing off emotionally, and severing the connection with the brightness of your heart.

Our process together removes expectations. There is no pressure or tension that you will appear a certain way. Instead, our work will help you embrace and accept yourself for who you truly are, find your freedom, accept your deeper desires, and embrace and live your authentic truth.

Together we will move beyond the illusion of security and into what you long for, back to yourself and  why you started in the first place. Reconnecting back to the connection you have with your heart. You deserve to be who you really are. To be loved for who you really are. To be seen for who you really are.

.And that is also your greatest offer to the world.


What I offer

My Online Offers

I offer intuitive guidance in private sessions for both men and women, available in short term or mentoring & coaching packages in long-term.

My In-Person Offers

I offer as well in person services. From intuitive in person sessions to Past life Regression sessions through Quantum technologies like QHHT and Bodywork sessions.