Welcome! I am Arabella Tornow

I support men and women to step into the next phase of their personal evolution and help them where they feel stuck, unable to move forward and see clearly.


Who I am

I had dealt with death early in my life but never has it been so present as it was in 2017 when I lost my best friend. This human loss led to several other losses, including the connection to myself. During this time of reflection and inner conflict, I learned about energy healing because western therapy has its limitations.  I always knew that the power of our thoughts is significant to our well-being, but the answer to “why?” always remained open. At that time it was unimaginable for me to direct my thoughts in a positive direction and thus allow myself a change of perspective.

Yet this is exactly what I achieved by working with the universal energy, the life force energy. The search for meaning and our being has led me to people and places that have helped my soul blossom again.

We all carry a story along with us. We all carry experiences along with us. Would we even be alive if we didn’t have experiences within us? Unfortunately, these experiences are not always positive. We all carry wounds and traumas, and emotions such as anger, shame, guilt, sadness, and fear run so deep that our psyche has developed various defense mechanisms over the years – which even were quite helpful to us for a while. Alright. However, It doesn’t help us now. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It keeps us from being authentic, living our truth,  feeling fulfilled and realizing our dreams.

When we face our greatest fears, choose to open ourselves up to our heart, and surrender to the wisdom of the “unknown” – we naturally vibrate at a certain tone. Trust, freedom, joy, abundance, and true authenticity are effortless side-effects. And is this not what we all aim for?

To release old blocks and replace old thinking patterns, you must identify and resolve the root cause. It’s like weeds. If I only cut off the top part, the root is still there – and it grows again and it is passed on to generations.


What I offer

My Online Services

I offer 1:1 private sessions for both men and women, available in the short-term or mentoring & coaching packages in long term.

My In-Person Services

I offer my Two-Day Premium Journey: The Pearl.
In addition, I offer 1:1 private sessions, short- and long-term


What Clients Are Saying

Mina, Bali
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Liza, Cape Town
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Chris, Berlin

“Talking about my feelings was always a topic I wanted to ignore. But life caught up with me, and I knew it was time to make a change. I wanted to end the endless cycle of using external events or substances to make myself feel better. Arabella helped me become aware of my inner world and be open to healing work on it. We’ve been working together regularly for two months now, and for the first time I don’t feel like I’m stuck in my head.” 

Lukas, Berlin

“I have been interested in regression work for some time and that is how I came across Arabella and QHHT. Through her sensitive guidance, I had the chance to let go of my deep-seated grief that I had been carrying around all those years. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I have felt clearer and freer ever since. I can’t recommend her enough.” 

Josy, Bali
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Annika, Berlin
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Oliver, LA

“Arabella has helped me accept the parts of myself that I have struggled with in the past. Not only have I increased my self-esteem and self-worth – the constant need to perform has stopped and the voice in my head has become much quieter.”

Judith, Bochum

“Bella came into my life when a lot of things were dark. I went through a hard time and my heart was closed. As we first met, one sentence she said to me was: This situation will open your heart. And she was so right. Her work is deep. Her connection to the universe helps me to reconnect with me. Her energy is like a cup of hot chocolate. It goes deep into your heart and feels so warm. Every call I feel a strong connection to her and to the universe. Working with Bella is pure magic.” 

My tools

Tools I use in sessions

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive guidance is a method that allows the Source channel to open, while the facilitator and the one who receives the session will find solutions and answers for certain challenges and questions.

Energy Work

Energy work helps to facilitate healing and re-aligns the energies of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body. It helps you to reconnect to your inner source of life force and vibrancy.


QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is a researched and proven method of regression hypnosis from past lives to discover lessons, recurring patterns, illnesses and karmic connections. Read more

Akashic Readings

The Akashic Records are an energy field that encompasses all your past lives, current incarnations and future possibilities. By accessing it we can find answers to questions you have about your path.


Bodywork is a form of therapeutic method that involves physical treatment of the body or energy fields associated with the body to release trauma and to liberate stuck energy and balance.

Shadow Work

Shadow work brings attention and love to things that were previously rejected, suppressed, denied or pushed away. It describes any process that makes the unconscious conscious in order to feel whole again.